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February 25, 2016 – Victoria, B.C.
Canadian Deaf Ice Hockey Federation unveils a new logo that represents its growth and transformation, and celebrates the achievements of deaf ice hockey for past 40 years.
“We realized that it is time to get a new logo that is more current and recognizable to sponsors, fans, and public, said Mark Dunn, President of Canadian Deaf Ice Hockey Federation. “‎This is very important to CDIHF as it demonstrates what deaf hockey really is.”
The new logo is a vibrant new take on Canadian Deaf Ice Hockey Feberation’s prior logo and more inclusive to represent the changes that happened in past 40 years. The logo is a direct reflection of the past and present players – dynamic, modern and bold. They are the inspiration as they work hard for their country that they are proud of.

CONTACT: Cecilia Tung, cecilia_capi@yahoo.ca



Congratulations to Colin Zulie!

Congratulations to Colin (Zulie) Zulianello of his appointment as the goaltender coach for the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds Hockey Club of the Ontario Hockey Association. He was one of the assistant coaches of the Canada Deaflympics Hockey Team since 2010. Good Luck and I wish all the best and successes for the Greyhounds Hockey Club.

Roy Hysen
General Manager


Farewell My Friend – Ron Lenyk

“Farewell My Friend”

The Canadian Deaf Ice Hockey Federation (CDIHF) has lost a piece of heart and soul last week.   Lenyk died at the age of 68, following a massive heart attack while at his office at the Living Arts Centre last week.

Lenyk is well known for his time and contributions to many non-profit organizations including the CDIHF and the Deaf hockey team.  He has raised over $200,000 since 1999 and hosted annual golf events from 2001 to 2007.    He was also instrumental in hosting Silent Auctions from 1997 to 2000 at various locations in Milton and in Mississauga.  Bruce Hood,  a former National Hockey League player,  was also involved with helping to raise funds for our team along with other N.H.L players.

Lenyk’s community work earned him  the  nickname “King of the Volunteers”.   His passion and generosity touched so many charities and local organizations.  He was also a founding member of the board of directors of Credit Valley Hospital and became the first chair of the Mayor’s Gala, and countless other events.   Former mayor of Mississauga Hazel McCallion was known as Miss Mississauga,  and Lenyk as Mr. Mississauga. They were very close, often working together since Mississauga was incorporated as a city.

He was the CEO of Mississauga ‘s Living Arts Centre and prior to that, he was the publisher of the Mississauga News for 31 years.

Lenyk was also a charismatic Master of Ceremony whose beaming smile and mischievous sense of humour would light up the room.   He has brought so many sports celebrities to our golf events.   Even Walter Gretzky enjoyed himself and attended our hockey team function during the Winter Deaflympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I was proud to present Lenyk with the Mississauga Sports Hall of Fame award last June.   He also was named sixth most influential person in Mississauga in November 2013.

He loved people, he loved life and most of all loved his family especially his wife Olga for 45 years. He cherished his daughter Trina, son Terry,  and granddaughter Madison.

I miss his sense of humour and wise crack jokes about me being Deaf and so many others.

Rest in peace, my dear friend….

Roy Hysen


Special Thanks to five Canadian National Hockey League Teams

The General Manager of the 2015 Canada Deaflympic Hockey team would like to say a special “THANK YOU” to all General Managers of the five Canadian National Hockey League teams,  for their generous support of our Canada Deaflympic Hockey team.  The five NHL teams are the Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, Winnipeg Jets, Edmonton Oilers, and the Vancouver Canucks.  The Alumni of the Ottawa Senators also contributed towards our team.